So do we have to join the peace movement to have peace?
  • The sign of the peace movement, an upside-down broken cross, was formerly a sign of rebellion against God.
  • Many in the peace movement were openly against following God.
  • Peace marchers did many unpeaceful things.
  • Many in the peace movement did not have inner peace.

    I know some wonderful people, whom I met just recently, that spent time in protests. They mounted a vigil outside a factory which made parts for missiles. They stopped drinking coffee to protest the low wages of plantation workers who can't even afford food for their families.

    Let's face it. While we in our relative luxury complain that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, there are those in the working world who put in a hard day of labour and their reward is not enough to look after their loved ones.

    But these new friends found that protesting does nothing.

    When the CEO's of the major companies get million-dollar plus salaries, and our favourite sports stars get mega-million contracts, and say, "I'm worth it!" then how can we win?

    Those workers are still grossly underpaid.

    But these grown-old protesters have found the answer. And so can you! Here it is ...

    copyright (C): Rick Galbraith, 1998.