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Hi! (Hello, Buenos Dias, Bon Jour)
Thanks for coming to my web page!
I'm Rick Galbraith, of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  My Associates and I would like to share this
message of hope with you:

We have entered the e-commerce revolution.  Let me share some facts and figures with the one who needs to know most - You!  We want to share how you can be successful and achieve what we believe God wants you to achieve!
 As well, we share some widely-held views of how the e-commerce revolution will afffect you!.  You can let yourself fall victim to these forces, or you can be an overcomer who recognizes a God-given opportunity!  Which you will be depends only on you!
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If you have come to this page because someone who was not involved in this oppourtunity sent you, or you just happened to browse on by, drop me an e-mail.  I will gladly introduce you to some real live people who will help you grow alongside themselves.

Mission Statement & Disclaimer:

Rick & Friends International is dedicated to helping the poor.  Many programs such as this insult the poor in various and subtle ways.  That is not our intention, for some of us have been there.  We want you to know that there is hope for you, no matter what your circumstances.  We encourage a reading and listening program designed to lift up even the worst off.  While many professionals - teachers, doctors, lawyers and others, have built a successful business using the system we follow, there have been many others who have found success through many difficult and trying circumstances.

However, we recognize that for anyone to succeed in this opportunity requires commitment, persistence and trust.

This claims made in this material are the experience of some, and are not a gaurantee of success.  What you achieve is dependant upon you, and is not in any way assured.  However, many have found success through following the methods of this program. This program does require personal action to achieve the goals the individual desires.

As well, this page has not be reviewed by the affiliated corporation or the training and education system through which we work.  If you believe a misrepresentation has been made herein, you are invited to email the corporation or the training system.

copyright, Rick Galbraith, 1999, 2001

more information at rick_galbraith@iname.com
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