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Dictionaries & other links

Merriam-Webster OnLine


MSN Encarta

Oxford English Dictionary online
Oxford English Dictionary - Word of the Day.

Oxford English Dictionary, at the University of Texas
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FOLDOC  (the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing),

Strange and Unusual dictionaries

"This may be inscribed in a church under the two tablets of the Ten Commandments: 
?PRSVR PRFCT MN VR KP THS PRCPTS TN. The Vowel E Supplies the Key.?"
-From the White Queen's Dictionary of One Letter Words, Craig Conley, c 2000

This page has three unique titles:
The White Queen's Dictionary of One Letter Words, Craig Conley, c 2000
Dictionary of All-Consonant Words, Craig Conley, c 2000
The Dictionary of All-Vowel Words, Craig Conley, c 2000
You will find a lot of links to Amazon.com, both upfront and as crosslinks to Authors.
 You will also find 11 other links at the bottom of the page, under Other Online Resources

Online Dictionaries (Pacific Mall)

 extensive list of links, which may not all be up to date.
One particular link had changed, and it is:
 Sematech's Dictionary of terms specific to the semiconductor industry.
new: http://www.sematech.org/public/publications/dict/index.htm

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