Skeptics Find Answers

Many men and women have, over the years, approached Christianity to disprove it.
Too often the church has been reluctant to answer such critics.  But where critics have
approached the truth of the gospel with true minds and hearts bent on knowing the truth,
they have found the Truth, Jesus Christ Himself, who made the claim, "I am the Way,
the Truth and the Life."

Are you truly a skeptic, or just a comfortable hedonist.

Most people who claim to be skeptics are just wrapped up in their comfortable lifestyle.
But I don't think you are one of those.  I believe you sincerely want to know the truth.

You can find resources in Christian bookstores, on line at various Christian organizations,
or in your library.

Some famous skeptics who have turned to Christ:

  • Malcolm Muggeridge
  • C.S.Lewis

  • Some organization resources available:
    Campus Crusade for Christ
    The Navigators
    Youth for Christ

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