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 Daily Bible Study  March 23, 2002 

Scripture and Footnotes, and Summary:

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Beginning study on Romans Chapter 2

Part 2

11   For there is no partiality with God. 
12   For all who have sinned without the Law will also perish without the Law, and all who have sinned under the Law will be judged by the Law; 
13   for it is not the hearers of the Law who are just before God, but the doers of the Law will be justified. 
14   For when Gentiles who do not have the Law do instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having the Law, are a law to themselves, 
15   in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their  conscience bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them, 
16   on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus. 


verse 11 Acts 10:34,35 show that God is impartial and accepts in every nation the one who fears him and works righteousness.
verses 12, 13 explain that it is the doers of the law who are just God. In the same way, Jesus says that it is those who do the will of His Father who will enter into the "kingdom of the heavens" (Marshall's Literal English Translation, Matt 7:21) These are the ones who enter into the narrow gate. (Matt 7:14,14)
see also John 13:1-17, esp. v 17, and James 1:22 where James urges us to become doers of the word and not hearers only.
verse 15, 16 Paul shows that the Gentiles who do the right thing show that the Law is written in their hearts, and they will be judged on the basis of that.

Summary of Today's Study:

We see here that God is a rewarder of those who DO his will. While the scriptures talk about being rewarded with eternal life, we are not talking about salvation by works, which will be obvious in later chapters.

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How are you coming at writing out, or even memorizing scripture? This is the best way to study!

Romans Study: Questions, Commentary, and more:

Romans is a primer on the relationship of the Believer to The Lord Jesus Christ.

Today we are continuing with our study on Chapter 2 of Romans.

Keep in mind, as we study, that we want to address:

  • 1. How am I saved?
  • 2. Can I lose my salvation (that is, if I commit a sin, will I find I am no longer saved)?
  • 3. If I keep on sinning, will I be saved?
  • 4. Is there victory over sin? 
  • 5. If I neglect my relationship with the Lord Jesus, what happens to my salvation? 
  • 6. Once I am saved, do I have license to keep on sinning? 

  • The further issues are: 
  • 7. Once I am saved, how do I keep from sinning?
  • 8. Is it something I do, and thus it becomes an issue of pride? Or is it a work that God does in our lives? 
  • 9. Can we ever expect to overcome sin? If we do, how does it happen? How are we set free? 
  • 10. If a person backslides in his faith, and doesn't come back to vibrant Christian faith, is he saved if he is in that condition when he dies? 


    In answering my basic questions number 8, the emphasis here is on doing. But Jesus elsewhere mentions that when we have done all, we are still to think of ourselves as unprofitable servants. 

    It is still true that nothing has been said about being without sin.  Questions 2 and 3 have so far been neglected.

    What is happening here?

    Is Paul speaking to the saved or the unsaved in this passage? I see it as talking to those who are in their own estimation saved.  He is pointing out that it is not enough to know the truth.  As Jesus says, it is those who do the will of His Father who will be saved.  And as James says, be doers of the word. 

    If it is to the saved Paul is talking, then he is teaching that salvation is conditional to those who "by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality."

    Paul is also laying the groundwork for his further teaching.  So far, we are getting a picture of the need to continue to live in that new life that Christ gives us.  And if we ahve any doubt what that means, Paul is emphasizing it as a life of doing good, and not just knowing the truth.

    Scripture is quoted today from the New American Standard Bible.  We work with various versions, because we believe that being well studied in the scripture will enable us to rightly divide the word of truth. We encourage you to do likewise, because of the insights we have gotten. Familiarize yourself with one, and then go on to use others.  My commentary is copyright Rick Galbraith, March 22, 2002.  It is my "daily devotions," my own study of the Scriptures, and you are invited to share it with me.