Some background reading on Hank Hanegraaff.

I came across books by Hank Hanegraaff and wanted to find out more about him.

Specifically, I wanted to know if anyone had refuted his views on some of the major "cults" of modern Christianity. But what I found held much more interest for my itching ears. It seems that Hanegraaff may be as much of an oppourtunist as those he criticizes.

However, the dispute between Hanegraaff and some of those who claimed they were wronged by him goes right to the core of his two controversial books, Christianity in Crisis and Counterfeit Revival.  For it seems that much of the writing of these books was done by the ones claiming wrongful dismissal.

By the way, how should Christians resolve disputes?  This article in Christianity today, from late 1997, is instructive.

And the most prominent critique (by search engine Google ranking) of Hanegraaff comes on the issue of Eternal Security.  He is a proponent of it, while Dan Corner, his opponent is a proponent of Conditional Security.

This article on talks about the Christian Research Institute,  where it comes from (Dr. Walter Martin) and how Hanegraaff became involved.

This article from Biblical Discernment Ministries (Revised 10/00) deals with the relationship between Christian Research Institute and the Roman Catholic Church. As a charismatic and one who would like to promote peace between Roman Catholics and Evangelicals, I find some of this article opposed to what I believe.

So, with this all under my belt, I will pick up my reading of Hanegraaff.