God, If you're really there, ...

Have you ever felt an urge to pray, but wondered if God was really there? Maybe you've wondered, How many thousands of people have at some point doubted God just enough to start their prayers with, "God, if you're really there, please help me!" In desperation, they have turned to God for help.

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. In the midst of a battle, with shells and bullets whizzing over their heads, God seems to be the only security to hold on to. They may be doubters, yet they are willing to give God a chance.

There are others, not in foxholes yet just as desparate, who turn to God in spite of their doubts. Whether it's a marriage falling apart, a loved one on death's door, or just a quiet but desperate searching to find meaning to life, many have knelt and prayed with only the faintest hope that God was even listening.

Are you one of them?
Do you need:
Is your security threatened?
Is your home falling apart?
Do you have a broken heart?
Do you wonder if God will hear and answer your prayer?
-Is God fair? Is He really just?
-"Maybe He won't answer the way I want?" That is always a possibility.
-Is He really loving?

Here's some good news:

If this is your first time praying, if you are desperate enough to pray inspite of your questions, if you would try anything, listen:
God says, "Call on Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and wonderful things which you know not." 1He is not unduly limited by the strength of our belief.
God loves us. We read in the Bible, "God is love." Whether or not God answers us in the way we expect, we know that His plans for us are for good and not for bad. He may not always spare us pain. But he does care!
Sometimes it seems as if God is powerless to change things. But be assured, God has all power. However, he will not run roughshod over the free will of any of his created ones, especially those of us of the species homo sapiens.

God's promises have been tried and proven by many. Countless people have prayed as you are, "God, if you're there, ..."

And countless people have been surprised by joy when God actually answered their prayer.

So go ahead. Call on God. Let Him prove himself. You have nothing to lose.

copyright notice: Script copyright (c) Rick Galbraith, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: 1996, 2001
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