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"Be reconciled or be damned."
In the aftermath of the criminal act of terrorism, the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, many are asking, 
Why would terrorists target innocent Americans, taking unsuspecting people to their death to prove the injustices against their people. Does death have to give rise to more death?
It seems that all over the world, there is the rise of hatred of one group for another. Be not mistaken, this hatred was there all along. Futurist Alvin Toffler spoke in his book The Third Wave about the rise of large multinational states, yet also the rise of the importance of smaller national groups. And the natural outcome of all this is that all the hatreds which have been simmering under the surface would arise.
Such hatreds even happen here in Canada. If there were any groups which could lay claim to a homeland here, they would be taking out their hatred on other groups. But for most of the people of Canada, this country is an adopted homeland, and so there is no real land base which any ethnic group, except for the First Peoples, can lay historic claim to.
In Ireland, in the former Yugoslavia, (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina), in Israel-Palestine, in Ethiopia-Eritrea, and in many other countries, there is hatred of the peoples who stole land from others. And it is a vicious circle, where the victim becomes the victimizer. And so we get the terrorist attacks.
This is not aided by the goal of militant Islam (and perhaps some other militant religions) to convert or destroy those who are not Islamic. As a Christian, I know that there are those who will hate me if I do not bend to their religion. I know, too, that there are those who claim to be Christian who only want to destroy people of the other Christian camp, Protestants against Catholics and Catholics against Protestants. (Ian Paisley, as a fellow protestant I need to warn you that you are in danger of the judgment.)

So what is the answer to all this?

Years ago, one man invited rebellion into his life, by not believing God, and ever since the rest of us have been proving that if we were in Adam's place, we would have done the same thing! We chose against God, and deprived as by death the one who loved us. We deprived him of a relationship, just as if we had committed suicide and left greaving loved ones behind. We broke God's bond with us, hurting Him terribly in the process.
In rebelling against God, we all deserve to die a horrible, eternal death, a death in which we would know for eternity that we are separated from God, separated from all love, separated from all peace, hope, joy, happiness, separated from everything worthwhile.

But God did not plan to wipe us off the face of the earth in retribution. Instead, in His infinite foreknowledge He planned the ultimate sacrifice: God the Son would be separated from God the Father, a separation that both felt to the very depth of their being. And in a symbolic gesture, darkness fell over the land when this happened.

In so doing, God made it possible for us to be reconciled to him. No longer would we be separated from the source of love. In this way, Love overcame hatred and loathing, the peace that passes understanding flooded in to replace fear, and new hope arose in our hearts.
Wouldn't you like to have this peace? Invite Christ into your life today, and know that abundant power working in you. Whether you live in Canada, the United States, the middle east, or any other part of the globe, whether you call yourself Hindu, Buddist, Muslin, Christain, or Animist, Jesus died for you. Come home to the one who loves you. Come home to Christ, the Messiah, the Yeshua of Israel, the one recognized as a prophet by religions the world over, the one who made the claim to being God the creator and redeemer.
Copyright,  ©  Rick Galbraith,
September 11, 2001
He loves you with an everlasting love. Love him back. Worship him. Confess your need, and he will confess you as His beloved son or daughter.
God Bless you.