You can achieve personal power through


But for Meditation to be effective, be sure you know to whom you are surrendering control!

The benefits of meditation:

note of caution:

The downside is, there are two competing sources of Spiritual Power out there.

My first experience with meditation was a powerful one. The instructor told us to imagine ourselves at a table with two special people from history, who would meet us in our war-room or around our table. Somehow I did not associate this with spiritual guides.

When we started to meditate, I was uncomfortable listening to the instructor's voice. He was telling us to sense the parts of our bodies, sort of to get in tune with ourselves.

Instead, I asked the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus to VISIT the different parts of my body. I experienced a sense of power and peace as the Lord was working. The rest of the instruction we had received about being connected to the spiritual universe began to make sense.

You see, the Lord God is the creator of the Universe, the Father. Jesus the Son is also eternally present in the godhead. And the Holy Spirit is the source of the power of God. In meditation, when you choose to yield to God, Jesus, and/or the Holy Spirit you are choosing the secure route, connected to a source of power that cannot be corrupted by any outside influence without your consent!

I won't talk of using any other spirit guides. If you have read anything about meditation, I ask you, please refer to it in the context of the all-knowing God our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, with the guidance of Scripture

Sounds like I'm some sort of fanatic? Well, if you hold your hat, I want to take you on the greatest `ride' heaven can offer!

First Step: Relax

* You want to be sitting in a chair that has good support, like one of those auditorium chairs. You need to sit upright so you can breathe properly and normally.

* Put Both feet on the floor.
* Rest your arms on your legs with the palms facing upward. You will know it is right if you are feeling relaxed.

Step Two: Block out distracting sounds

If you are in a noisy environment, you can't hear youself think. Do what you can to create effective thinking. Play soft music, for instance.

I don't have to tell you what will energize you in the way of music. The key is to pick music to help you relax

Step Three: Surrender yourself

As you gently close your eyes, ask the Holy Spirit to visit every part of your body. This will be a personal encounter.

You are not going to be announcing this to the whole world, so whatever part of the body you want the Holy Spirit to visit, remember, that is what He will take charge of!

It is recommended that you start with the top of your head. If there are any sites in your head that are in pain, have Him visit those areas, and sense Him touching those.

If you have back pain, neck or shoulder pain, invite the Holy Spirit to those areas.

If you have open that site also. Whatever is wrong with you, this is your time. The Holy Spirit is visiting you! Just surrender to Him.

Step Four: Rejoice

You have just had a visit from the creator of the universe. No other form of meditation is as powerful, peace-giving and heart-lifting!

Remember to thank God for what He has done for you!

There is more to say, I'm sure, but for now I'll just say, Sorry, not quite finished this page yet Copyright (C) Rick Galbraith, 1997