Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

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The Winnipeg Chapter
Invites You for Breakfast
August 3, 2002  at 9 am
The Charterhouse Hotel Crown Room

Special Guest Testimony: 
Jason Hoard

Jason originally lived in Calgary.  As a young person he was a " straight A" student.  He was raised in a non-Christian home where he saw his mom using drugs.  When he picked up using drugs he dropped out of school.  After 5 years of being a heroin and cocaine addict, he got sick of living that kind of life and tried to kill himself with an overdose of heroin.  And when that didn't work he cried out to a God, that he didn't even know if He existed, and God brought him out of that life.

He has since moved to Winnipeg, where he was led to Teen Challenge.  Through Teen Challenge he learned about Jesus and accepted Him as Saviour.  He now works there as a Staff Member.   He has read the book: "Hooked" by Ernie Hollands, and he met Edward  Lee when he gave his testimony at the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in Surrey B.C.  He received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in May of 2001.

He has fellowship and attends mentoring classes in a local church that stands behind him with their prayer support.    Come
hear this young man who says:  "It is exciting to see what God is doing in my life and the lives of others."

Special music:  Sean Kirk - Teen Challenge

        Come one, come all
                                 Men and Women are Invited to learn what God is doing.
                                                  Bring Your  Friends!
Breakfast is $ 8.00 per person
for reservations, etc: 204-453-0884
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