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The Winnipeg Chapter
Invites You for Breakfast
July 6, 2002  at 9 am
The Charterhouse Hotel Crown Room

Special Guest Testimony: 
Chuck Sheridan

Rev. Chuck Sheridan is the director of House of the Risen Son Ministries. He and
his wife Lynn have five children and six grandchildren. Chuck bought his first
Harley when he was 18.  Those were times of anger and rebellion for him. During
those years it was the bikers he sought out, for their parties and lifestyle.   He was
not convinced to join but found being a hang around with southern Ontario clubs
to be rewarding.  But the "rewards" soon grew to be a burden and Chuck turned to

At the age of 25 he sold his bike to go to the Canadian Nazarene Bible College,
which was in Winnipeg at that time. Chuck entered biker ministry in 1987 through
the International Christian Biker Association and founded the Bondslave
Motorcycle Club in 1989. He entered full time ministry in February 1997 and was
ordained in 1999.

Chuck share a vision with his wife Lynn, that has resulted in the formation of
House of the Risen Son ministries, which ministers to addicts, to the hungry, and
also to the bikers.
Breakfast is $ 8.00 per person
for reservations, etc: 204-453-0884
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