We posted early this week a reviced announcement about
our "Let the Praises Ring" Canada Day Event

We made major changes, but one statement we made is
not so.

We said,
"Special Guest Jon Buller will be leading the singing,
accompanied by Jolin, and Richard Hale on Keyboard."

(see revised announcement at:
http://canadapraisesday2002.iprance.ca/ltpr-revised.html  )

(please scroll down)

As a matter of fact, Jon's agent had not officially confirmed
this with us.  We "assumed" everything was a go, when it
was not.

It was my own lack of attention to detail that created this
situation.  Next time, I will ask one of the sharper people
on the executive to look into arrangements, rather than
trying to do it on my own.

Again, Jon Buller will not be doing the
leading of the music at our event this year.
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However, You will enjoy the music of
Don MacCormack, a newcomer to the
Praise and Worship Scene here in Winnipeg.

Don works with the folk at the New Hope Church of the
Nazarene on Henderson Highway, under the direction
of the senior pastor.  He has ministered to us before at
one of our "The Winnipeg" Chapter - FGBMFI breakfasts.

The revised announcement can be found at