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"Let the Praises Ring" - Notice
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Let the Praises Ring,
July 1, 2002
You can help!
Here's what we need:
prayer for guidance.



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FGBMFI Static logo in colourFull Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

The Winnipeg Chapter

Invites You to Volunteer & be Praying for

Let The Praises Ring

July 1, 2002

We still need volunteers to work with the many details.
 Time is short, and only God is going to bring this
event to pass. God has given a Dream and Vision
to our executive of The Winnipeg Chapter.
You can help bring it to pass.

Join us in praise, in prayer, and in fellowship

as we seek to bring the Gospel back into the

Mainstream of Canadian Life by Praise, Prayer

and by the Testimonies of Individuals who have been

Changed by the Power of Jesus Christ

through His Holy Spirit.

All Men and Women are Invited

Come, and Bring a Friend to Jesus Christ!

Please contact our voice mailbox
                    453  0884