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The Prayer Of Jabez


  • Important Background Information



    The information on the prayer of Jabez came about after studying Dr. Bruce Wilkinson's book, The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life (Multnomah: Sisters, Oregon, © 2000 by Bruce H. Wilkinson)
    (written with the colaboration of David Kopp)

    My goal here is not to reprint Dr. Wilkinson's book.

  • Chapters will be added here when ready

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The Mind - Spirit Connection

If you are looking for more out of life, if you are longing for peace, power, success and (or) a greater sense of purpose, then we need to talk! 

To whom you give authority

  • Are you looking for more personal power? Do you want to have it all together, so you can maximize yourself. Surrendering to the right force is important!

Peace with YOURSELF

  • Plagued by guilt or frustration? Here is a classic solution ...


  • Can you win the respect of others? More than just basic honesty, integrity answers the question of how to win respect

A Homily for the Fourth of July Weekend

  • How to make love active in your life

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