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Why does God let little Children die?
 strong emotions result from the death of a loved child
(A representational account)

God, if you're really there, ...Will God really hear your prayer and answer it? If you're praying in desperation, here's help!

Hope in spite of adversity
 we can have hope when everything is going wrong.

What is blaspheming the Holy Spirit
If you are worried about it, you probably have nothing to worry about!

How to find peace,  real peace?

Salvation: the first step
A simple explanation of being born again or saved

Love: Faith's true measure
WE need to forgive others. Many Christians beleive: if a person refuses to forgive, his salvation is in jeopardy!

Let's talk directly about ...

...angels , [ new version, same topic:  supernatural visitors ]

Convictions vs Judgment?
suggests there is a big difference in the way we react to people when standing up for our convictions, versus when sitting in judgment of them.

Taxes: should we pay them?
How did Jesus feel about paying taxes? It's in the Bible; here is a quick look!


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